Low self esteem; One’s Biggest Enemy to progress.

Hummm, u mean her? She can never do anything right!

One’s self biggest enemy to progress is “low self esteem” . Never allow the circumstances, people and the environment around you to pull you down.

There is no body other than you that best knows yourself. People can assume, predict or opine about you, but, the absolute truth is that, only you knows and have the real definition of yourself. Therefore all other opinions are based on assumptions. Assumptions are not perfect anyway.

Remember an English saying that; “a good journey begins with a good pair of shoe” just choose a wise destination, fasten and tighten your life belt/ shoe, take a bold step and off you gooooo! Wish yourself a safe journey if no one did. Listen but never ever digest, get distracted or disorganized by every piece of word on the way. Be patient enough and watch yourself getting there and finally see yourself right at the sumit…. (to be continued).


Little Things do Matters

Nothing is too little in the world of exploits….”Sometimes what you want is not actually what you need”to make exploits. Never ever bow down in low self esteem , always believe and have confidence in your self and always give space for new inventions for great exploits. Holla@mindkingsandqueens🌍🌞

truth from the depths…

It’s just that,

with you it’s so different, so perfect

you can’t help but feel the completeness

no gaps no gallops

sweet sail all through

the joy it brings, the bliss that engulfs

like cold showers, trickling down the spine

with the shivers gently rocking the bones


even with the eyes still open

the dreams still happen

so fresh so vivid

the yesterday, replaying today

filling the emptiness

in readiness for another moment

of unlimited blissfulness.


very natural, very cool

like the leaves

gently waving to the breeze,

the butter flies

and the gently flowing streams

the mountains

and the rolling hills

the gentle kiss

and the fire it ignites


the hug that follows

and the wrapping of hands

memories that will never fade

of You, I and Ours

love you for ever

my perfect completeness.







Each day that you continue… click to read.

Each day that you continue your journey

through life,

may you pause long enough

to take in God’s many gifts

and view them with

the wonder of a child.

May each blossom,

each tree,

each refreshing breeze,

each bird song,

each butterfly,

each sunrise,

each sunset,

revitalize your spirit

and remind you

of the many things

you have to be thankful for.

And may these miracles

of life always lead you

back to His love.

-Mss Linus.

Source of write up: Arc. Francis Unegbu.

Struggle and hope

Life’s thought. Photo by GussieOjika

​When you try so hard

And all remains to bad

When you try to step forward 

You see yourself still backward

You feel deep pain

In agony and stress like in a dern

All efforts seems in vain

Efficiency low, falling insane
So easy it seems to aspire 

But the hard price it takes to acquire

Will be all I will require

Of course in grief I go through the fire

And then I will be pure like gold

And never will I be sold

Surely all fears gone, am bold

Living on high never to wax cold

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