Sometimes we need to…

We all get caught up in our hopes, dreams, and sorrows.
We race around and
plan for tomorrow.​

But in a single day,
there’s only so much we can do,

and for our happiness,

we should also be true.

Sometimes we need to

sit back, relax, and unwind,

let the stress go–

free our minds.

We need to abandon our cares and
forget the grind, pressure, and strife
and do something we love
and just enjoy life.

And I’m sending this greeting to you,
in hopes that you can take a day off,
and enjoy being you.
Happy Sunday dear… 



I’ve had hard times andI’ve suffered, but I never forgot

that God is my refuge, my strength,

my hope for better things to come.

I always knew He was never far and that

He’d lighten my burdens and

guide me on the right path. ​
I couldn’t have made it through

those times without His love.

Have faith that he’s there for you too.

Seek Him. Put yourself in his care.

He’ll give you the strength and

guidance you need every day of your life.
Happy Sunday Dear 

Arc Francis.

Man arrested for naming dog after president in Nigeria

A trader named Chinakwe has been arrested in Ogun State Nigeria, after his neighbour had reported to Police Authorities that the man’s pet dog was named Buhari. A claim the owner of the pet dog confirmed, giving reasons why he had to name his dog after the president of the country, President Mohammadu Buhari.

The man since then had been arrested, freed and re-arrested by the police authorities in the state of Ogun, South West Nigeria. We know of dogs being named Billy, Bingo, Smart, Jonie, Bruce, Kenny etc the question now is, is it a crime for one to name his dog after names of people?

If for example an American decides to name his Dog ‘Obama’, does that constitute a crime? Well our fingers are crossed, everyone is watching to know what becomes of the case, although the Police Authorities are now saying that the man was being placed in protective custody. Continue reading