We don’t know how much you know about Africa, how much you know about Nigeria and about Igboland to be precise. We know that so many people even in developed countries, erroneously think of Africa as a country.

Africa is not a country, it is a continent with more than fifty independent countries. We know that when some people hear or see the word “Africa”, what comes to their mind is Black people. The truth however is, that Africa in addition to being the homeland of black people is equally home to other coloured people and white people as well.

The only thing some people know about Africa is hunger, famine, drought, wars, ethnic strives, deaths etc but we are here to make you understand that Africa is a very beautiful Continent, very rich Continent, well endowed with people and resources.

Africa is the land of milk and honey, no doubt about that and we are here to prove it, bringing you up to speed with recent developments across the continent of Africa; the good, the bad and the urgly with special emphasies on Fashion, Breaking News, Lifestyles, Sports and Social Development, Women and Children, Celebrity Gossips, African Norms, Values and Heritage, Family and Community Life.


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  1. Nice to meet you and to have you educate us all about your lovely Continent. Yes, I too, have been guilty of calling Africa a country and I should know better. I’ve travelled to quite a few countries in Africa and loved them all, but of course, as a tourist I see only a tiny bit of what makes up that country. I look forward to reading more from you.

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